State Libraries and AI Technologies

A CIRCL Working Group

Why AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already profoundly changed the way people find information, communicate, produce media, and learn about the world.

The work group will tie its work to the strategic priorities of the contributing state library agencies. Libraries are central to state strategies in adapting to this new technological landscape.

Public libraries from large urban centers to the smallest rural communities:

  • Help train workers
  • Link small businesses to vital resources
  • Provide necessary broadband connectivity to remote workers.
  • Advocate for ethical AI
  • Build AI literacy

Academic libraries from public universities to community colleges to public schools:

  • Shape new AI tools and ethical frameworks with new degrees and research in AI
  • Reinforce workforce development through accessible entry points to higher education and fundamental technology skills
  • Prepare children to thrive in work, governance and life through information and media literacy instruction at school library learning centers.
  • Support research into AI diagnostics, pharmaceutical development, and a changing legal framework for AI generated work 

State libraries have a vested interest in engaging AI. From archives to libraries to public records to reading services, AI is an already present and emerging tool for facilitating common functions. 

  • AI will be instrumental in facilitating scholarly and public research.
  • AI will both disrupt and enhance the learning process.
  • AI expertise is a must for understanding the impact of generative AI in production of laws, policies and reporting.
  • AI systems have potential to support reading and public records access for thousands of citizens with disabilities. 


Our Team

R. David Lankes

Bowden Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Kimberly Silk

Principal Consultant Brightsail Research

Riley Lankes

Policy Researcher

Rachel Deitch

CIRCL Coordinator

Kaodili Okwuaka


Leila Green Little


Kieran Hixon

Rural & Small Library Consultant, Colorado State Library

Dianne Connery

Development Director, Pottsboro Library

Gigabit Libraries Network

Don Means

Director at Gigabit Libraries Network

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