The Work of CIRCL


CIRCL is currently being developed and advanced through working groups. Working groups (and all of CIRCL) are managed in Slack. For access to the Slack workspace contact

Partnerships and Governance

Grant Writing

Environmental Scan

State Libraries and AI Technologies 

CIRCL is a network of organizations working together to increase the capacity and impact of rural libraries. The following is a list of projects where CIRCL partners are working together. These are not CIRCL projects or projects funded by CIRCL, but projects funded by individual partners that ultimately support the goal of increasing capacity and impact of rural libraries. 

Texas State Library and Archives Commission with The University of Texas at Austin

  1. Develop and deliver training for TSLAC staff about developing outcome measurement strategies
  2. Explore the value of certification to rural and small library staff


Work Group Updates

Corrosive Artificial Intelligence

What happens when you give new technology to millions of people to play with? What if that technology is powerful, accessible, and prone to misuse? We’re currently witnessing these questions unfold with the rise of generative AI. Generative AI is now being utilized to...

Defining Artificial Intelligence

For a technology that everyone is talking about, artificial intelligence is surprisingly hard to define. Why is this the case? There appear to be a few reasons. For one, AI just won’t stop changing. As AI continues to advance, the scope of what this type of technology...