Quick overviews of key issues in artificial intelligence, libraries, and state policy. Briefings are living documents open for working group input.

Defining Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, yet no one can seem to agree on how to define it. This briefing compares a selection definitions of AI, and offers a list of commonalities that help define the ever-changing technology.

Corrosive AI Briefing

As generative artificial intelligence becomes more advanced and available than ever, the potential for misuse is high. This briefing explores how the misuse of generative AI is likely to damage our society’s collective trust in political figures, processes, and institutions. Based on what we’ve witnessed already, political trust will likely not be eroded over time, but rather corroded rapidly.

Rapid Deployment and The AI Arms Race(s)

The two AI arms races unfolding before us in 2024 – one between governments, the other between tech giants – underscore the complex interplay between technological advancement, market competition, and societal impact. As the trajectory of AI development accelerates, it becomes imperative to strike a balance between innovation and responsible deployment, lest the pursuit of profit outpaces the safeguarding of societal well-being.

AI Policy at the State Level

In the United States, 32 states and the District of Columbia have attempted to enact AI-related laws, covering a wide range of topics. This briefing provides an overview of state-level AI legislation in the U.S., including legislation that has been enacted, legislation that has failed, and legislation that has recently been proposed. This briefing also offers analysis of emerging trends in state-level legislation, with the goal of providing a clear picture of how states are attempting to craft AI policy.