“Ever more systems of artificial intelligence – with apparent inescapability – are being established in ever more parts of our lives, cultures, and societies. CPDP2024 puts accelerating complexity of AI at the centre stage, with the underlying question: Is AI governable?” – CPDP-ai 2024

Most privacy protection regimes depend on system controls and regulatory restraints. Necessary but inadequate if users are ill-prepared. Careless or clueless users can undermine the security of any system. Training and education are essential to protect data privacy and system security. Will society accept only private enterprise based AI? Can there be a public AI infrastructure analogous to public roads, parks and libraries? Sounds like it might be desirable to have a public option. But also sounds challenging and complex.


  • Nathan Sanders, Affiliate, Berkman Klein Center – Harvard University, Project Director – ComSciCon
  • Stephen Wyber, Public Policy Director, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions